Shipping & Returns


We ship FED EX overnight. Most packages arrive by 10:30am. If you live in a smaller town, or in a rural area it may arrive between 12-4pm.

We also offer HOLD FOR PICKUP at your closest FedEx center, so you can pick the package up after work/school.

Our shipping days are Monday- Thursday. Orders placed before 2pm EST usually get shipped the same day . This also depends on how many orders we have. Sometimes we are able to ship out the same day if order placed after 2pm, but not always. Orders placed after 2pm est , get shipped the following day. We try to ship as soon as possible unless safe shipping is not possible due to weather. You may also request a best shipping date for you. After shipping, you will receive an email with a tracking number, usually after 6 PM est. Once the shipments are picked up by FedEx, we no longer have control over the shipping. Please keep track of your package by using the tracking number provided. 


Please see Live Arrival Guarantee page.

We pack your order in the safest, most efficient way possible. All animal orders are shipped in a styro-foam lined cardboard box used specifically for shipping reptiles.  Depending on weather conditions, we may include an ice pack or heat pack at no charge for the safety of the animals.
If weather conditions are too severe to ship, we will notify you and arrange a future shipping date. This is all done for the safety of the animal! 

 Sorry we do not refund or take back animals due to being skittish, scared, defensive or "aggressive".  They need time to adjust and build a bond with you.  If you are unsatisfied with the purchase, you are welcome to ship it back for refund of the price of the animal. We do not refund shipping, nor pay shipping for return.

We will gladly work with you to resolve any issues you may have. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a refund be processed without the return of the animal.

The health and safety of the animal comes first!

We try to keep up to date on all Laws that seems to grow daily. We will not knowingly ship any animal or product to where it is illegal. Please do research before ordering. You are 100% responsible and agree by ordering, of knowing your local laws in regard to animals and products.